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Cassidy Lynn Campbell crowned homecoming queen (won’t let me embed – don’t know why!) The local ABC news station shared a typical local news story last night about the crowning of the Marina High School homecoming queen in Huntington Beach, California. What is sending it … Continue reading

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Today’s ABC News

Today ABC News published an interview with Tim Snyder about being the father of a gender-nonconforming son. Now folks will always (always!) find something to quibble with about however gender expression gets presented, explained, or framed. But I think this … Continue reading

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Gender-box breaking photo-essay selected for festival

Some of you found this blog when it was quoted in Ruth Padawer’s piece in the New York Times Sunday Magazine “What’s So Bad about a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress” last summer. (Revisit my thoughts about that … Continue reading

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Today’s Mail

Look what was waiting for me in the post today! I’m so excited…watch for reviews!

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2012 – Thank you, and Year in Review

2012 sure was an eventful year for my little blog! A highlight of course was being quoted in the New York Times Magazine this August (What’s So Bad about a Boy Who Wants To Wear a Dress? ). August 8, the day after that story … Continue reading

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Aisle 4

Seen as I walked through grocery store last night — Where is the sticker book for kids who want robot fairies? Queen aliens? My kids (girl and boy) would love most of these — though notice how girls are told … Continue reading

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Oddly Normal

NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, recently featured John Schwartz and Jeanne Mixon — a couple who have written a book called, Oddly Normal: One Family’s Struggle to Help Their Teenage Son Come to Terms with His Sexuality. Schwartz, a … Continue reading

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Alvin Ailey Action

Aisha Mitchell and Antonio Douthit, photography by Richard Calmes A recent dance still posted on the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s Facebook page. (And if you’re never seen the Alvin Ailey troupe in action, make a point of going to … Continue reading

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Men in skirts

New Buzzfeed article (translated from German) about a dad who wears skirts in solidarity with his five year-old son.                 My favorite line is a toss up between: “You only don’t dare to … Continue reading

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I Just Turn Kids Gay

The inside caption of this Scandalous Cartoon Christmas Card is, “May All Your Christmas Wishes Come True.” Google the phrase “turn kids gay,” and you’ll quickly get a list of the latest potential culprits, which today include watching Glee, playing … Continue reading

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