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Welcome to the Journey

I wrote this note today to a mom with a five year-old. I share it with any of you who are just starting to reach out for resources to support a son who likes stereotypically girlish things, and to support … Continue reading

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A Better Place

How’s your Friday? I have a bad cold, we are trying to close on a house and pack, snow and icy mix is starting to fall (which here in the south can cause complete havoc), and work is super busy. … Continue reading

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Why isn’t he dressed like a boy?

Shortly after my last post, I took my kids off on a trip to eastern Tennessee — our ultimate destination was a homecoming service at a church where my mother had been a child. But I didn’t figure I could … Continue reading

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. . . The Answer, of Course, Is Nothing

I’m a little giddy at having my blog quoted in the New York Times in Ruth Padawer’s article for the Sunday NY Times Magazine “What’s So Bad about a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress.” But I was taken … Continue reading

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Get your meanings off my son

I spent the summer reflecting on the way our society rushes to meaning — our political dialogues are pre-constructed with two or three possible narratives and it often seems our only choice is to pick which one to espouse. We … Continue reading

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