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Sign of the New Normal?

Number two on children’s author Kim Norman’s 5 Things I’ve Learned about Doing School Visits:  2. Even if the child posing a question has long, curly locks and a pink hair bow, I NEVER assume gender. Long-lashed boys with collar-length … Continue reading

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Gender-box breaking photo-essay selected for festival

Some of you found this blog when it was quoted in Ruth Padawer’s piece in the New York Times Sunday Magazine “What’s So Bad about a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress” last summer. (Revisit my thoughts about that … Continue reading

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Roller derby, stickball, and natural childbirth

I recently attended a presentation of master’s theses by folklore graduate students. One concerned an ethnography of women who participate in flat track roller derby, and the role that their narratives seem to play in the importance of the sport … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Journey

I wrote this note today to a mom with a five year-old. I share it with any of you who are just starting to reach out for resources to support a son who likes stereotypically girlish things, and to support … Continue reading

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State of the Dress Code

Eight years ago, you’d see exactly two options for vice president and speaker’s tie…red or blue. Tonight, check it out…Biden in bright lavender and Boehner in apricot. It’s nice… (Feb. 13: Daily Beast notes pastel ties at State of the Union)

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A Better Place

How’s your Friday? I have a bad cold, we are trying to close on a house and pack, snow and icy mix is starting to fall (which here in the south can cause complete havoc), and work is super busy. … Continue reading

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Today’s Mail

Look what was waiting for me in the post today! I’m so excited…watch for reviews!

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2012 – Thank you, and Year in Review

2012 sure was an eventful year for my little blog! A highlight of course was being quoted in the New York Times Magazine this August (What’s So Bad about a Boy Who Wants To Wear a Dress? ). August 8, the day after that story … Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas Is for Everyone That Knows My Kid to Read This

Just in time for Christmas! Dr. Edgardo Menvielle gives all you parents of gender-nonconforming kids a clear, succinct, to-to-point explanation you can print out and stick right in your holiday cards! (I made a PDF version for your convenience at … Continue reading

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Des garçons nés dans les roses

The French newspaper La Libération ran a story on 12/3 by Lorraine Millot titled, “Des garçons nés dans les roses.” The story is available to read online starting today and you can find it here. Millot talked with me along … Continue reading

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