Cassidy Lynn Campbell crowned homecoming queen
(won’t let me embed – don’t know why!)

The local ABC news station shared a typical local news story last night about the crowning of the Marina High School homecoming queen in Huntington Beach, California. What is sending it around Facebook is that the winner was Cassidy Lynn Campbell, the school’s first transgender teen nominated to the court. Up until this year, she lived life as Lance Campbell.

cscampbellandmomThe video is sweet, partly because it is so typical — the cheerleaders, the football game, the queen bursting into tears upon being named. What also stood out to me is the ease with which the reporter seemed to cover the story and the “yeah, it’s cool” attitude of the students they interviewed (self-congratulatory though they may have been).

And as a parent who watches a kid constantly navigate how much of himself to reveal, when, and to whom, I identify with how moved and proud her mother is (as well as relieved to see her daughter embraced by her peers rather than hurt by ridicule or intimidation).

Which is not to say, of course, that Cassidy hasn’t experienced those things — in this news video she talks about being harassed in the hallways and cyberbullied. We think of California as the bastion of liberalness, but Huntington Beach is 45+% Republican, with Republican representation in the California legislature, US Senate, and US House. In this somewhat conservative town, Cassidy is both bullied and admired, shunned and voted homecoming queen.

clcampbellWe tend to think of progress as a straight line (or the proverbial arc that bends toward justice). Even expressions like “two steps forward, one step back” imply a linear progression toward enlightenment. In real life it’s messier, and less predictable. Sometime it’s everything all at once.

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2 Responses to Cassidy Lynn Campbell crowned homecoming queen

  1. I am SO moved by this. I followed up by looking at some of the transformation videos posted by Cassidy, and was fascinated and really thrilled to see that she begins from a total “boy” baseline- that is, she appears not to have had any work done, and does not use her own hair, yet look at the result!
    I find this all the more encouraging as Cassidy might be considered (in old-school labelling way) a crossdresser. When I clicked on the video, I was expecting to see a totally crossed-over trans girl, hormones, implants, etc etc. Those of us who have a deep identification with femininity and choose to express it without taking a journey to transsexuality have tended to be dismissed or marginalized through the past years. I am a heterosexual crossdresser who is actually happy to be a man who can (and does) express my femininity through my dress and appearance- sometimes completely, as Cassidy does, sometimes in dress only (do I really want to put my face on and “do” my hair to simply go do errands?).
    I do not mean to compare myself with Cassidy (not to mention my being at least 50 years older than she is), but rather I mean to take heart in seeing old, tired paradigms fall to the wayside.
    I see almost no one out in public who reflects my own image back to me, as most crossdressers my age are still terrified to make themselves known, but I am out and about everywhere in either full or partial expression mode, and my neighbors, my community and those I meet in daily life treat me with great respect and good humor.
    In the words of Frank Zappa, “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible”.

    Bravo, Cassidy!

    Richard Eagan

  2. Doc says:

    Please, for the love of all that is good, reach out to Cassidy on her YouTube channel. She is not in a good place right now and needs to feel the good vibes of everyone who supports her. Some small minded people have her in MAJOR tears.

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