Blast from the Past

Since I mentioned in my last post how news coverage of gender expression has changed recently, I just had to share this “blast from the past” that my father found going through old papers yesterday. It’s good to remember that folks have been insistently starting this conversation for a long, long time! This is a clipping from the Wall Street Journal, probably from the late 1980s:

Most Sexist Thing

And yes, I do realize how lucky I am to have an almost 81 year-old daddy who felt this was worth keeping more than twenty years ago. (He also cries freely.) Here’s to raising boys and girls who cry, get angry, feel vulnerable and self-sufficient, talk about their feelings, take comfort in sharing affection, and love others. Cheers!

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1 Response to Blast from the Past

  1. Blake says:

    THAT is really cool,thx for sharing.

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