2012 – Thank you, and Year in Review


2012 sure was an eventful year for my little blog! A highlight of course was being quoted in the New York Times Magazine this August (What’s So Bad about a Boy Who Wants To Wear a Dress? ). August 8, the day after that story went live online, Pink Is for Boys got 5,086 hits! Interestingly, the most popular post that day was not the post about the article — The Answer, of Course, Is Nothing — but the About Me page.

In the course of 2012, distinct groups of followers have developed, often having their own fireworks-free-vector3great conversations with each other in the comments sections of various posts. One group — straight men who enjoy wearing dresses or skirts and/or nail polish — have taken over Men in Skirts and and Manipedis and Male Polish as personal discussion boards, which I think is great. In keeping with this blog’s love of not essentializing, it’s important to note that this group is diverse as well — including men who want to reclaim skirts as masculine and men who want more room to express their femininity.

fireworks-free-vector4Some follow for intellecutal or ideological reasons — feminists,  progressive parents and educators, sociologists of gender, and more. You probably also like Jo Paoletti’s Pink & Blue, Diane Ehrensaft’s Gender Born, Gender Made, and more. (And you should also read one of my favorite blogs, blue milk. I wish we lived closer!) I have been remiss in posting excerpts from an academic paper I recently presented (so much in the news to blog about!) but I will get to it, I promise!

Another group of followers are parents looking for information, resources, and sometimes reassurance after realizing that their own child is popping out of the gender box. I want all of you to know that I am utterly passionate about supporting you! If I ever don’t respond to you quickly enough, give mefireworks-free-vector2 another chance. I am so encouraged by the sheer numbers of us who are rejecting beating or berating our children into conformity as a parenting strategy! We will be amazed by the next generation. I am putting together a post with resources and basic starting suggestions for y’all and promise to get it up soon! Until then, peruse my favorites in the links at the right — even though some of those folks don’t post frequently (hey, we’re parents, after all!) their archives of back posts are a treasure-trove of shared experiences and advice.
I also hear from many of you who are now adults, but grew up struggling with identity and/or acceptance. Some of you have transitioned, some of you cross-dress, some of you are gay — you show me the incredibe rainbow of possibility so often compressed into black and white. Some of you are ecstatic to see how much things are changing; some of you are wistful or even bitter that you had such a hard time. I am grateful for you sharing honestly such a range of emotions. Their power over many years speaks hugely to me of the importance of what parents like me are doing, which is pretty simple, really – loving and accepting our kids for who they are and who they might be.

Thank you — thanks for viewing my blog more than 65,000 times in 2012. Thanks to Jim, Alicia, Maddox, Herby, Mara, and all the rest of you who have commented and conversed with me!

Thanks to Sarah Hoffman for directing interested folks here from her fabulous site and blog. Thanks to Michele at the Princess Free Zone for starting some new collaborations (and making me start a Facebook page!). Thanks to Genevieve LaBelle and others of you inspired to create new products and new images that make more space for all kids.

Considering that I work full time, have two small kids, and no Internet access at home, we did pretty well this year! But in 2013, I’m going to gussy up the site at long last, make it easier for you to find posts that interest you or just to browse the archives. I’ve got reviews of books to post, poems and other treasures from readers to share, and always lots on my mind and in my heart. Here’s to a FABULOUS 2013!

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4 Responses to 2012 – Thank you, and Year in Review

  1. Jim Dunlop says:

    Happy New Year! And may 2013 bring you and your family all the happiness you desire. I am looking forward to a year of reading more insightful, thought-provoking, enlightening, humerous, and sometimes angering Blog posts!

  2. Happy New Year to you and the kids! Thank you for sharing a piece of the wonderful person you are with the rest of the world!

  3. triliquent says:

    Have you seen the new kid’s show about a boy who dresses as a girl superhero? http://tinyurl.com/a9lb2l9

  4. mrsslip says:

    I am so glad I have found your blog. I have a little boy who identifies as a girl and it can be a lonely road! Looking forward to sharing the new year with you!

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