11 Responses to Permissive Parents: A Biblical Perspective

  1. William Salyers says:

    The world changes in response to individuals who refuse to compromise their core identity and beliefs. Ghandi refiused to accept the definlition of his self imposed by the culture in South Africa and by the British in India. The British Empire gave in to his nonconformist leadership for independence. it took South Africa longer, but another nonconformist, Nelson Mandela, articiulated the dream and led the change. I grew up in the segregated south, and Martin Luther King knew full well what that ciulture expected of him. God cherishes diversity. Biological diversity flourishes throughout nature. If a child realizes within that God has provided a special gift and identity, I will always respect that child’s right to conform to God and defend the child’ from irrational pressures to conform to artficial standards. I appreciate a God of diversity.

  2. Summer says:

    There are also a lot of “if I had a kid like that, I would beat it out of them” comments on the web, for instance, on the My Princess Boy book reviews. I find the lack of empathy almost as alarming as the lack of imagination on the part of so many. If our children play in clothes marketed to girls, we must be terrible parents, perverse in some way. Couldn’t be the system that’s flawed. Hmph.

  3. mx. punk says:

    i’m always amazed when people use the bible as an excuse to (try to) beat things out of their kids! i think your kids are pretty lucky to have you for a parent. thanks for sharing! ❤

  4. J XD says:

    thank you for sharing this – my response to “boys shouldn’t wear dresses” is WWJW = what would Jesus wear? whether or not you believe Jesus is a messiah, his teachings have so much to offer the world: having compassion, helping others, not judging by circumstance or stereotype, forgiveness and love. Biblical scholars fill books with it but why don’t we see more of the people who espouse the Bible living these values? Ok – so you don’t understand why my kid is different, he is what God made him and maybe that is beyond your understanding. Does that give you the right to deride or denigrate him? What would Jesus think of that?

    • J XD says:

      just to clarify – WWJW – Jesus wore robes much more comparable to a dress than anything viewed as acceptable for men in Western Culture. let’s remember, fashion is dictated by culture and expectation more often than by function.

  5. sirkeystone says:

    When I started reading this post, I immediately saw where you were headed. Well done.

  6. Tony says:

    Hey there!
    I really likes this post (partially because I just wrote a post last night about parents of trans kids and it made me smile that I found this post this morning).
    Honestly, I have never seen the point in “color coding our kids” as my girlfriend says and it seems so strange to me that we are expected and to an extent almost forced into these societal norms as if the whole world would end if we didn’t uphold them.
    We have crossed social boundaries so many times over history. Women’s rights, freeing black slaves, separating church and state, all of those things were “against the social norms” of the time and the world did not end.
    Personally, I think you sound like amazing parents and that your kids and going to turn out just fine.
    Stay excellent,

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  8. elizabethbauer says:

    I have a 3 month old and am too tired to write anything educated and witty so here we go. Thrilled I stumbled upon your fabulous blog and disgusted by those assholes whose comments from the nytimes article you shared above. Keep fighting the good fight. We need more people like you to advocate for our children. I admire your commitment. You rock.

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