I Just Turn Kids Gay

Turn kids gay - Set of 12 Scandalous Cartoon Christmas Cards & Envelopes

The inside caption of this Scandalous Cartoon Christmas Card is, “May All Your Christmas Wishes Come True.”

Google the phrase “turn kids gay,” and you’ll quickly get a list of the latest potential culprits, which today include watching Glee, playing a Star Wars video game, having a gay teacher, being exposed to same-sex marriage, or being around sexually assertive women.

My direct encounter with the worry of what could turn kids gay includes: painting an infant boy’s nursery lavender, letting a boy wear his hair long or paint his toenails, allowing girls to dress up in boys’ clothes and vice versa, and letting kids be physically close to known gay adults.

I find it puzzling that the same people who find being gay “unnatural” also believe we are apparently so hard-wired for being gay that we have only to come in contact with the color pink or any number of other things to “turn gay.”


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2 Responses to I Just Turn Kids Gay

  1. Marie says:

    I have just found your blog and started reading at the top. This particular post really sounds a lot like something I’ve said before. I have 3 boys and one girl. My oldest child is a boy. From toddlerhood he wasn’t a typical “boy” and I was severely criticized by my own family for letting my son play with dolls and other “girl” toys. In my opinion it would be a positive experience not a negative one- it would a least put him on the path to being a good daddy by practicing his nuturing skills early on. 6 years later he is in first grade, obsessed with spider-man and pokemon, sports a mohawk and hot pink toenails. He is very masculine, but also very gentle. He is a great big brother and is quick to fix the hurts of his younger siblings- even if he was the one who inflicted them lol. He does have emotions that are more “girly” than most 6 year old boys I know of, talks in a higher pitch, rocks out to Glee, and dances all over the house, but who cares? He is who he is and whoever he turns out to be, he will always be my baby. He is one of the most self-confident kids I know calling himself “the coolest kid ever”. It just made me feel better to know that there are other people out there who also accept their kids as kids and don’t try to fit them into boxes (or pants). Thanks for posting to a blog I look very forward to reading it!

  2. Summer says:

    Great point! I looked up your blog after reading the Times piece. I also live in NC and have a gender creative son. I’m feeling very affirmed as I read through your posts. It’s so tiring having people assume we are defective parents or really flawed/sick humans since we let our son wear dresses. Glad to read your insights.

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