Pink Bubba Fun

Did you hear the one about the guy named Bubba who won the 2012 Masters? He was born in Bagdad (Florida), never had a golf lesson, swings left-handed, asked his equipment maker to make him a custom pink driver, and achieved a life goal recently of making it onto the Ellen DeGeneres show.



Meet Bubba Watson, the 33 year-old winner of last weekend’s PGA tournament. An  opinion piece today by Tom Sorensen describes him this way:

The man begins to cry seconds after winning the 2012 Masters. He loves the color pink. He chooses his clothes so carefully that the white watchband on his white watch matches his white and pink visor, white and pink pants, and white and pink shirt. And he convinced the company whose equipment he uses to make a pink driver especially for him.”

Standing out doesn’t seem to bother Watson, who tweeted pictures of his outfit on a “wear green” charity golf event that included this mistletoe belt buckle.

So it’s all the more surprising that he seems so uninterested in the trappings of fame, except being interested in how he can leverage it to support his favorite charities.

Golf folks don’t seem to mind his blue-collar nickname or his lack of finesse. They’re just wowed by his 350 yard drives! His unconventional style of play has become known as “Bubba Golf” – Sorensen says, “Bubba, you see, is more than a name. Bubba is a lifestyle.” A lifestyle that seems to have to do with being yourself, being thoughtful about others, and having a lot of fun.

That’s a “lifestyle choice” I hope we can all get behind.

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