The comics chime in

You can often find clues to the US zeitgeist in the comics pages. Here in the October 31, 2010 Sally Forth, is a commentary on Nerdy Applebottom’s recent post (that I commented on here):


“If you go apoplectic because your five year-old son wants to go as a witch, your son’s not the one with issues.”

And from a For Better of For Worse of a week later (11/7):


“Am I too big to hug?” Sure we can read this as the words of any older kid watching the baby sibling get all the snuggles, but it has a special poignancy as a boy watching a girl. Especially when studies show that boys, even as babies, are held less often than girls. (This is an interesting contribution to zeitgeist, since the strip artist, Lynn Johnston, started the strip in the 1970s and current strips are re-runs of old ones. But then again, she also featured one of the earliest coming-outs in the comic pages.)

So, I guess I’m saying, go dress your son as a witch and give him a big hug!

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