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Buy This Instead!

It would be very easy for me to spend most of my time between now and Christmas harping on all the stereotypical toys and ads swirling about. I realized this morning that Parenting Lesson 101 is Positive Reinforcement — give … Continue reading

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Aisle . . . sigh, every aisle

So I went to Barnes and Noble today . . .           The store was chock full of more gender-separated books like those I saw at the grocery store last week. For inquiring minds, girls search … Continue reading

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The Olden Days

Jo Paoletti’s great slideslow of shower cards for new babies, 1915-1957 It is fun and instructive to go back in time and look at how gendered choices for children have changed over time. For some reason, this photo of FDR … Continue reading

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Mixing it up – toywise

The big news this week is that Harrods, the famed London department store, opened its first gender-neutral toy store, designed by Shed Design. “The London department store commissioned the multi-million pound Toy Kingdom to be grouped by theme rather than … Continue reading

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Welcome to the mainstream

                So you may remember back at the beginning of the year hearing something about a call to boycott the retailer J C Penney because it had hired Ellen Degeneres as a spokesperson? … Continue reading

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