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Blast from the Past

Since I mentioned in my last post how news coverage of gender expression has changed recently, I just had to share this “blast from the past” that my father found going through old papers yesterday. It’s good to remember that … Continue reading

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Sign of the New Normal?

Number two on children’s author Kim Norman’s 5 Things I’ve Learned about Doing School Visits:  2. Even if the child posing a question has long, curly locks and a pink hair bow, I NEVER assume gender. Long-lashed boys with collar-length … Continue reading

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Buy This Instead!

It would be very easy for me to spend most of my time between now and Christmas harping on all the stereotypical toys and ads swirling about. I realized this morning that Parenting Lesson 101 is Positive Reinforcement — give … Continue reading

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Messing with my son about his outfit

Nils Pickert responds to the viral article about him wearing a skirt to support his son on this Huffington Post blog entry. The original article (which I mentioned here the end of August) garnered the usual mix of responses, from … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “My son, the cross-dresser”

Check out this op-ed from the Times of Israel, “My son, the cross-dresser.” The boy the author describes is a lot like my son – loves tractors and building things, and wants to play with trucks and build in a … Continue reading

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Pink Bubba Fun

Did you hear the one about the guy named Bubba who won the 2012 Masters? He was born in Bagdad (Florida), never had a golf lesson, swings left-handed, asked his equipment maker to make him a custom pink driver, and … Continue reading

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The “boy box” and drug abuse

Man Love, a photo by Gerard on Flickr. Yesterday I wrote about the first of two articles from the Fall 2002 Bulletin of the Society for the Study of Men and Masculinity (Division 51 of the American Psychological Association). It … Continue reading

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